Lawful Intercept
Span has been at the forefront of providing best of breed lawful intercept (LIS) and monitoring (LIMS) solutions meeting the most stringent demands and requirements from national security agencies. We have been providing and adapting our solution from the time LI has been made a mandatory requirement for all Indian communication networks. Our solution fully complies with guidelines issued by Department of Telecommunication, (DOT).

Our solution supports both active (interface network element) and passive (probe based) approach as per the regulatory requirement. Our partner has interfaces with more than 200 network elements supporting all major switch vendors like Ericsson, Huawei, ZTE, Nokia Siemens, Cisco, Starent, Alcatel Lucent, etc. and has installations in over 160 countries across different networks – LTE, UMTS, WiMax, CDMA, NGN, IMS, Cable, GSM, etc.
We have been instrumental in the deployment of world’s first - converged monitoring platform for TDM and IP networks to monitor PSTN, GSM, CDMA, WiMax, WiFi, xDSL, etc. Our solution is highly scalable as we add multiple front-ends (mediation) on the network keeping a single management platform; this leads to faster integration capabilities and cost saving. This forms an ideal solution for centralized monitoring across all forms of public communication networks. We can provide solutions for: only TDM, only IP and converged TDM and IP monitoring as per network’s requirements.
Our solution captures and renders all kind of traffic – providing key intelligence from TDM networks – voice, SMS and also of web browsing, email, chat, etc. to LEAs in real time. We can also render 3G video call in near real time and simultaneously forward the 3G video call of a target to a LEA agent’s handset.


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