Network Security

Span provides Anti-Spam, Anti Phishing and Anti Virus solutions for Internet Service Providers, Mobile Operators and Hosted Messaging Providers.
Spam and Phishing attacks lead to customer dissatisfaction and brand damage leading to customer churn. On the other hand, messaging abuse consumes expensive storage space and processing power of the network. As a result, service providers face significant operational challenges.

We help service providers by virtually eliminating all such inbound messages before they enter the email infrastructure and reach the subscriber inboxes. For mobile operators, it is even more critical to block such sources of Spam and Phishing as apart from affecting their infrastructure resources, brand image and customer dissatisfaction – it directly affects their message revenues and becomes the cause for billing disputes. We even catch more sophisticated attacks carried out by perpetrators using cloned SIM cards, mobile botnets and low cost prepaid account.
A secure network builds customer loyalty and confidence to subscribe to new services such as mobile commerce and mobile advertising.

URL Filtering

Span offers a solution to service providers that can help them meet not only Indian government’s regulatory requirements for URL filtering but also provide a managed service to its customers. Web Filtering solution provides support for category based URL filtering for more than 20 million URLs and billions of web pages to ensure that its customers steer clear of malware on the Internet. With support for more than 75 categories, the solution platform supports White/Black lists, keyword search in web and mail traffic and blocks spyware and other malicious traffic.
The solution processes all web content against known malicious URLs to block inappropriate material and malicious scripts including Java Applets, Cookies, and ActiveX scripts entering the network.
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