Span offers assurance of Quality of Service (QOS) and Quality of Experience (QOE) over any IP service, over any network, to any endpoint – all from the same open and extensible platform. Our system ensures visibility and real time service monitoring and verification for the world’s most demanding networks.

Whether a worldwide, multi-service MPLS network, backbone transport for long-distance wireless or wireline VoIP traffic, an IPTV distribution network, residential VoIP services, or a managed IP telephony offering for enterprise customers, our system is unique in its ability to collect and measure the key performance indicators (KPIs) that truly reflect the end-to-end performance and quality of an IP-based service.

By combining a systematic program of scheduled active (on-demand) tests with continuous passive (live) service monitoring, it becomes appropriate for deployment at all phases of the IP service lifecycle, including: pre-deployment network assessment, rollout verification, troubleshooting, ongoing operational monitoring, and service level assurance. It also integrates with pre-existing OSS and back office applications as well as 3rd party applications.

With both real-time and historical reports and analytics, our system is the ideal service assurance solution to support the complete service lifecycle, and delivers a complete view of service quality and performance — the only way to ensure the success of a next-generation service.

IP Traffic Analysis

One of the key issues in network management is to know the genuineness of traffic and the pattern of user behavior. Capacity considerations affect investment decisions, policies, usage and consequentially the business as a whole. Span’s IP traffic analysis solution gives detailed information on network bandwidth usage pattern for traffic analysis, application analysis, capacity planning, product planning and making policy decisions. By drilling down into the specific applications, users, ports or communication, network managers are able to determine the exact source of spikes and bursts and therefore are able to proactively monitor, control and take informed decisions.

Key Features
  • Total network view across the world's largest IP networks that includes both deep traffic inspection and full correlation of Layer 2 and Layer7 information across all links and elements
  • Industry-leading packet processing performance that supports network speeds up to OC-192/10G off the wire and uses a distributed architecture to scale so it can process multi-petabytes of data
  • Carrier-class scalability and reliability with over 2.7 petabytes of IP traffic processed at a single customer, driving 100 billion packet records per day (greater than 7 terabytes) to upstream security applications
  • Full traffic correlation across every link and element on the network
  • Entropy-based security algorithms, provide unprecedented early detection of sophisticated anomalies such as low volume and polymorphic worms
  • Next generation traffic analysis with advanced algorithms for real-time security, intercept and traffic classification and mitigation
  • Total network view across the world's largest IP networks that includes both deep traffic inspection and full correlation of Layer 2 and Layer 7 information across all links and elements
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