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Gateway Location Register


As the mobile telecom market becomes more competitive, mobile network operators are looking for revenue assurance by enlarging their inbound roaming revenues, while lowering their signaling costs.


The inbound market provides the VPMN with the majority of total roaming revenues. Control of the number of inbound roamers is therefore crucial.


Span offers Gateway Location Register(GLR) which provides the VPMN with the ability to significantly reduce the amount of signaling messages sent via its signaling provider to HPMNs. This reduction eventually enables the operator to control inbound roamers’ activities within the network and to reduce expenses.


Features of Gateway Location Register:

  • Enhanced 3GPP Gateway Location Register platform
  • Telco-Grade platform with real-time and high capacity support
  • Geographically-distributed architecture
  • Monitors and identifies gaps in the coverage of your inbound roamers

Internet Bandwidth Optimization

We offer a system that is designed to optimize high bandwidth links – ISP international and domestic lines, satellite links and other backbone feeds.

Internet users exhibit very similar usage patterns. Your network transmits the same bit-streams over and over again. You are the one paying for it. The solution we offer eliminates these repetitions; it identifies repeating bit-streams and code them effectively.

Our solution is neither compression nor caching. Our solution operates on already-compressed traffic, leveraging the repetition of bit-streams. The system does not cache. They maintain end-to-end transmission from the content provider to the end device, not saving any piece of content.

The system is also completely agnostic and unaware of the content, protocol or application. The system looks only at bit-streams, and can therefore optimize any repetitive traffic. That is why a video will be recognized as repetitive traffic even if it is downloaded once over HTTP and once in RTMP, gets received as an email attachment, and is even watched live.

The system offers the following features:

  • Over 30% increase in effective bandwidth
  • Capacity increase on top of other optimization techniques
  • Improved quality of experience
  • Support of high-bandwidth links - 100Gbps and more
  • Efficient also at small-bandwith link - as low as 10Mbps
  • Fully scalable
  • Inherent resilience mechanisms
  • Simple administration and monitoring

Benefits for network and service providers:

  • Save transit costs
  • Improve QoE
  • Clear proven and guaranteed ROI
Taps and Smart Filters

Network tap is a passive device that sits between two network devices (router, switch, firewall) and redirects 100% traffic to security and network management tools without interrupting the actual traffic. These devices support up to 10G traffic and maintain network continuity without dropping a packet even if there is power loss.

The complete range of network taps includes some smart devices, which do a lot more than just redirecting the traffic to monitoring tools. These are differentiated on the basis of the functions they do.

Regeneration Taps allow you to simultaneously examine all of the traffic on your links with a variety of security and network monitoring tools. All data from one or two network links is duplicated to a maximum of eight ports for increased monitoring device flexibility.

Aggregation Taps combine traffic from multiple network links, delivering all data into either one or up to four monitor ports. This benefit allows for leveraging valuable monitoring devices throughout an organization.

Bypass Switches provide a fail-safe access port for in-line network security monitoring devices. Link downtime prevention technology limits outages by switching traffic around an IPS in the event of power outages, scheduled maintenance or application failure.

Director is a high-density data-monitoring switch in a 1 U chassis featuring TapFlow, a wire-speed filtering engine that directs traffic by protocol, IP address, and other packet header information to specific monitoring tools.

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